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Spray Foam Insulation

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Handi-Foam® Sealant Foam Insulation - 12 oz and 24 oz Cans

Handi-Foam® one component spray is a polyurethane foam designed to seal and fill small cracks, gaps and voids.  Handi-Foam® one component canned foams are available in 2 can styles, Straw Foam and Gun Foam.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi Foam Spray Foam

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Handi-Seal® Window and Door Spray Foam Sealant

Handi-Seal® Window and Door Spray Foam Sealant is a high performance insulating and sealing foam designed specifically for window and door frames.  It possesses unique low pressure expansion properties and virtually eliminates any chance of window and door frames bowing or binding after the foam expands.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Seal Window and Door Spray Foam

Handi Foam® Sealant Foam Insulation - One Component Cylinders

Handi-Foam® one component cylinder foam is specifically designed to fill smaller cavities such as corner joints, T-joints, around utility panels, pipes, duct penetrations, etc. on flat or irregular surfaces.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Foam Spray Foam

Handi-Foam® Two-Component Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Handi-Foam® Two-Component spray foam insulation kits are ideal for insulating and sealing jobs that require a product designed for spray application over large surface areas or for filling large voids and gaps.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Foam Spray Foam Insulation

Handi-Foam® E-84 Flame Retardant Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Handi-Foam® E-84 Class 1 Spray Foam insulation is a flame retardant expandable polyurethane spray foam that has the same properties and advantages as the standard 2-component foams but is also rated for applications where flame retardant requirements specify E-84 Class 1 Foam.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Foam E-84 Spray Foam Insulation

Handi-Flow® Pour-In-Place 2 Component Foam Insulation

Handi-Flow® Pour in Place foams are low pressure 2 component polyurethane foam kits.  They are specifically designed for filling cavities, molds, fixtures or holes where a slower curing and expanding polyurethane foam system is required.  Handi-Flow kits are foam dispensing systems, no more "mix and pray" in your mix and pour application.

Handi-Flow® Pour-In Place foam comes in 3 unique formulations:

  • Cavity Fill - Dispensable OEM cavity filling polyurethane froth foam system.  Engineered to have a slower curing time than standard spray foam thus allowing the pour-in-place foam to flow freely and fill large voids.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

  • Channel Fill - Specifically designed for filling cavities, hollow tubing, framing, channels or casings where slower curing and expanding foam is required for complex applications.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

  • Slow Rise - Flotation foam meeting Coast Guard specification requirements for flotation foam in Title 33 code of Federal regulations, paragraph 183.144.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Flow Slow Rise Foam

Silent Seal® 2 Component Spray Foam Sealant

Silent Seal® is a mine ventilation sealant.  Silent Seal® expands and seals in seconds to quickly and efficiently seal, insulate, fill, coat and sound dampen many areas above ground and underground.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Silent Seal Spray Foam

Handi-Foam® Fireblock Spray Foam Sealant

Handi-Foam® Fireblock Sealants is used to seal concealed penetrations from floor to floor or room to room in order to prevent or delay the spread of smoke and flame.  Fireblock foam is an easy to install expanding 1-Component Polyurethane Foam Sealant which passes ICC-ES evaluation as a Type V residential fireblocking product.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Foam Fireblock Foam

HandiFoam® Pro Adhesive

HandiFoam® Pro Adhesive is designed to create an extremely strong and permanent bond between various types of building materials.  HandiFoam® Pro Adhesive is specifically formulated to use when a quick secure bond is required for drywall, foam board, FRP panels, OSB, Plywood and most other building materials.

Product Data Sheet and SDS

Handi-Stick Gun Foam Adhesive

Handi-Foam® Refillable Spray Foam Insulation Systems

Refills for various Handi-Foam® spray foam insulation systems.

Product Data Sheet and SDS


Handi-Cleaner® Polyurethane Foam Cleaner

Multipurpose Handi-Cleaner® is a spray solvent used to dissolve uncured foam.  Handi-Cleaner® can also be attached to any of the sealant dispensing units, allowing the unit to be flushed and kept clean and operable.

Product Data Sheet and SDS


Handi-Gun® Hose and Gun Accessories for Handi-Foam® Systems

The Handi-Gun® dispenser uses the available Cone or Fan nozzles and features a responsive trigger for precise dispensing of foam.  Handi-Gun® and nozzles can be cleaned with appropriate solvents.

Product Information

Handi Gun Hose and Gun Assembly